Our Approach

In today’s challenging market, development stage oncology companies are faced with increasing pressure from all sides. Institutional investors are continuing to defer investment until companies are well into clinical development. Likewise, pharmaceutical companies are demanding greater data to “derisk” assets prior to entering into a license or co-development deal.

This environment is placing enormous strain on development stage companies. Most have limited resources with which to generate the compelling data set required to attract larger sources of capital and are thus stuck, sometimes for years, in a quagmire of constraints imposed by the limits of financing rather than developing the potential of the technology and opportunity they envision.

Our team has the ability to identify companies with promising technologies and vision that are caught in this gap that exists in the capital formation process between early stage investors and venture/strategic investors. We have the expertise to determine the precise steps which will robustly demonstrate the potential of the technology and will develop a comprehensive story that will attract institutional investment. We have the resources to assist our clients in addressing any deficiencies that may be present including gaps in the management team, recruitment of key opinion leaders, etc.  Finally we have the network to bridge the “gap” financing chasm, thereby opening the company up to a variety of larger funding opportunities.